Felvételi tételek a 2019/20-as tanévben angol tantárgyból

A vizsga formátuma: képek alapján témakifejtés, beszélgetés.

A témakörök:

  1. Family and friends (appearance, personality, daily routine)
  2. People and society (friends, school, clothes, shopping)
  3. Environment (home, cities, weather, nature, recycling, pets)
  4. Science and technology (computers, household appliances)
  5. Lifestyles, sports (illnesses, accidents, treatments, sports, healthy and unhealthy way of life, food, eating habits, reastaurants)
  6. Entertainment (free time, hobbies, books, films)
  7. Travelling, tourism (transport, holidays, sights, your experience)
  8. Education (subjects, school life, learning languages)
  9. Jobs (summer jobs, housework)
  10. Future plans (intentions, dreams)